Large Spider box
Large Spider box
Large Spider box
Large Spider box

Large Spider box

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  • ONE Large Spider Box
  • Used to raise 4th+ Instar Phidippus slings.
  • Hydei Feeders cannot escape through holes.
  • Made of light weight plastic. 
  • Measures: ~3"X3"X4.5" from the base. 3.5"X3.5" at the top.
  • Perfect for adult jumping spiders.

These large spider boxes are perfect for raising your adult jumping spiders! The lid has a feeding flap which allows you to easily feed and water your slings without disturbing their web hammock. They are made of a light weight plastic similar to Tupperware which makes them Lightweight, Durable, and AFFORDABLE! 

Perfect for breeders and spider keepers.  

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